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friendship is so good.

ToNigHtspent some nice downtime just hanging out on a friend's door stoop & couch, just talking: nice. Then spent more time hanging out on another couch listening to some more friends play live music, also nice.

this weekend is dodgeball SAtuRdAy, 6-7pm @ Brookview park. Got 12 confirmations so far, come if you like to play - message me if you need more info.

this weekend is also mayday parade on SuNdaY, parade starts at 1pm, park stuff goes to evening so fun. I'm so excited; really. I go w/my family & family friends each year, and have since 1998, except 2001 when I was in Oregon.. but it's well worth the afternoon to go! & Rachael said she'd love to come w/me this year, too ; yay! If any of you want to come or will be there, it's quite a delightful liberal parade full of gigantic 20 foot tall walking puppets & floats - I don't think there is a single motorized thing in it: Just bikes galore, dancers galore, walkers by the hundreds, and there is live music of various forms, drumming and horns especially if I recall right... and it all goes to the powderhorn park where there's performances by the lakeshore with canoes and a giant sun puppet to welcome in the spring, and more dancing & music... , lots of dif. booths and food stuffs, too.
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