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splendid night out: thanks ktig I had fun at lariat bowlingwhich which... it turns out, is right in my backyard here I mean, that's like literally a block from my house. So, that was really fun.

funny how I never noticed it, despite it being there since 1958: heh. And me living here since 2003 - lol. wow.

Reminds me of a film we saw at work today - we had to count how many times the white team threw the ball to other white team members, and there are all these guys & gals in white t-shirts & black t-shirts weaving back & forth across a court & around each other like a Celtic Knotwork, and dribbling, bouncing, throwing and passing around their backs these basketballs, in a constant flow: lots of people & balls. so, we're so busy counting, you totally miss the fact that a guy in a black gorilla suit comes out into the middle of the court mid-way through the clip: beats his chest w/his hands, and walks off the other side of the court. When we were told to stop counting & just watch, many noticed it then (I didn't honestly, I did stop counting, but I couldn't stop watching the balls in their pattern of loops & circles) - so anyhows, that was neat. heh. In a humiliating way - heh.

"I'm a winner, I'm a sinner
Do you want my autograph
I'm a loser, what a joker
I'm playing my jokes upon you
While there's nothing better to do"

In other news, I had an awesome day at work, and I'm in love with scatter graphs & control charts. Tha's about it. bathtime, then some sleep: y ay.

Oh: an I got more strikes & spares then EVER before tonight: hee hee.
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