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So on the way to soccer camp this morning Aurora & I had this interesting talk:

Me: So, I was thinking if you want you could take some guitar lessons at the music shop, since you've been practicing
Aurora: Then I'll be even more busy
Me: Sure, that's true.  Well, if you still want to we could do that after your swim class is over...
Aurora:  Well, I mean, it would be busy to go to a music store, can't someone come to the house to teach me, like before?
Me: Well, Dan's been too busy
Aurora: How about the other Dan?
Me: Which Dan is that?
Aurora: you know, the punk rocker Dan
Me: He doesn't play guitar: he plays drums
Aurora:  Well maybe he could bring his drums over to our house & play
Me: Well, drums are really large and loud, and rather hard to port around
Aurora: Well, maybe I could go to his house to play
Me: But kids need to play smaller drums when they learn, and you don't have a drum-set
Aurora: No, I would bring my guitar, silly.
Me: Oh?
Aurora: Yes & Dan and I could play music
Me: You mean like, a band?
Aurora:  Well, yeah, kinda ... a small  band
Me: heh.
Aurora: it would be fun!
Me: Yeah, sure it would.. but I think you need to practice some more, and maybe take some more lessons before you start a band
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