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night mumblings...

Aurora & Athena both tried bowling for the first time tonight.
Aurora's girlscout troop decided to hold their year-end bash at a bowling alley a half-block from out house which is cool. They had pizza & punch, got their year-end badges & patches, etc & then went bowling.

Athena & I got a lane down the way from the troops' two crazy wild lanes & Athena had this slide-like thing, so I could put the ball on top, and she could push it: and it would roll down, and get momentum: swift. And of course, rails on the lanes for all.

Aurora got 107 & took second of the 6 girls in her lane - someone said she got the 2nd highest ranking overall: sweet. She did have 2 strikes & 2 spares: so not bad. Athena caught 1 spare as well. I had fun/1 strike & 2 spares - but I should've done better really.. at least the girls had tons of fun.

Came home & had a nice hot bath. Got the girls books & brushed teeth & into bed.

My friend KTIG walked over & we sat outside amongst the june bugs and talked - but when a mega centipede came by, I admit I squished it - man, those centipedes are freaky scary.

After a bit of talk about Africa (where her Dad is going on Wednesday) & bowling & stuff KTIG had to take off &so I made myself some fried eggs in olive oil with oregano, basil, ginger, nutmeg & chili powder: Yum. Then I melted aged cheddar cheese on top & I totally felt like a fox raiding the chicken house: delicious. heh.

Ok - boiled some eggs for work & the beeper is going, off to change the laundry & get a bit of winks afore work tomorrow.

here's another photo from last summer, maybe I'll upload some new ones soon. At least I haven't posted it yet ;)

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