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In my dream I & my girls were hanging out at a friend's house playing (Brandon's) & his family (brother?) had made these elaborate, minature, detailed houses & villages, even islands & water for the little smurf figures to play in - and the kids were having a blast: and everything was solid, but, edible.

So Brandon (being laid back how he is) let the kids & I eat some of the village because we were so darn curious, and it tasted good - kinda a mixture of like, seasame seed & other (somedyed I guess) crackers (everything was vibrant & detailed like the plastic toy towns - little red mushroom houses & green trees, and maybe even some strawberry houses a la strawberry shortcake - palm trees on the islands, blue edible water... : it was really cool.) -- and some was sweet, Fondant I think.

Then in another aspect or time in the dreaming I was wearing a blaser coat & I was showing it to someone: I had designed & sewn it, and it worked like beattles' wings - laying flat but w/slight curved tails - and had the ability to expand slightly, so they were not tight or immobile like most business clothes, but looked like something classy and clean cut - seemed kinda neat. I think I had a line of clothes in mind & was just showing one rather plain beige coat to show the design & function idea.


inspiration: I think the minature town creation came from watching "Night at the Museum" last night

- and the fondant/edible aspect from a cake designs & decorating book I was flipping through on Wednesday night while I was waiting to meet Sandra at the bookstore... ,and I was trying to figure if I could make any for Aurora's birthday, then I realized most of them relied heavily on Fondant for the cool looks & designs, so I decided the book was neat, but not at all worth buying (how often am I going to make a cake w/fondant? 1 or 2 times per year, max)...
- and the beattle wing design coat was probably from watching "Pan's Labyrinth" on Wednesday night with Rachael.
Tags: dreams, friends, kids, movie

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