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fun weekend! too fun? heh.

Dodgeball & the after-dodgeball BBQ were soooooooooo fun! yay!! we had over 20 people show up & played dodgeball until 7:45 - started about 15 minutes after 6 - so a good hour & a half of play & the games were so fun, and quite varied with both experienced and beginners, split evenly on both sides, and I was happy to see as many women as men out to play ball at the park: woot. The BBQ and card games (mostly president/but a mix of party type card games/big group games) and the talk and hanging out of dif. groups of people, new & old friends together was awesome. I'm really happy it seemed to go so well!

I spend Sunday doing kids stuff like swimming and planning Aurora's bday party (she's decided on a tiki-luau theme for a backyard bbq & celebration: really fun) - and watched "night of the museum" again w/the kids - they love that movie now. heh.


So, I didn't get the house completely Feng Shui & sparkling : although I did do many loads of laundry, the dishes, and swept & mopped the floors, there's so much to sort, Winter clothes & shoes to store, more stuff to donate (various tupperwares, art supplies the kids don't use, um... outgrown clothes, etc: the norm).. so I have to gather, load in the car & donate. I've donated a few bags each month, it feels like the cornocopia of stuff - just endless. although I know it's not, I just don't have time to catch up before new stuff comes home from schools/work/seasons change, etc.. wow . ..

So I'm curious again.. am I in the minority or what - is this someething you've done?

Poll #988519 balance for work?

every take PTO &/or unpaid leave to catch up on chores or cleaning? Check as many as apply

yes - I've taken PTO/sick days to clean
yeah- I've taken PTO/sick days to do errands of some form
I've taken unpaid day or days off to clean
I've taken unpaid day or days off to do errands
nope - never have taken time off from work for either

Wow it is so tempting. I donno, it seems like I should get it all done on weekends/after work, but I just never do.

"I saw you last in summertime
You said you hated long goodby-y-yes
You said, “There’s nothing to explain, in every life a little rain”

~ chorus ~
And a long-forgotten fairytale is in your eyes again
And I’m caught inside a dream world where the colors are too intense
…and nothing is making sense"

from 'long forgotten fairytale' by -the magnetic fields

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