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saw the film 300 tonight

300 is a good film.

yes, it is violent.
war is violent. it's about war.

this movie shows that every single person who dies in war, is someone's child.
it speaks to the causes and influences of war: the religion of a single god, or a group of "wisemen".., the laws, the pride, the fear, the futility, the propaganda, the politics of it, and how, when it seems done; it goes on.

I highly recommend seeing this film. A few I invited said they don't do violent films & they had heard this is "very violent". I respect that; I do not indulge in violent entertainment wontenly myself. However, I still encourage you to consider seeing this. It tells a good story, and one we're living, whether we admit to this or not.

Yes it is violent, but we can't pretend war : the wars we're in, are not.
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