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I did go to Bosu 'core' class: it was all about balance, using balls, a squishy half ball (the Bosu) which can be used from the flat side or the squishy side & also doing matt work. It was a good workout. Standing on squishy things, do steps on & off squishy tilty things, doing pushups on tilting things, lifting & doing v's and leg lifts with balls between your legs: all push not only strength & flexibility but balance. I definately felt like I could fall on my face or off the tilty Bosu a few times, but I didn't.

I then got the kids & we all went to World Market. Had veggie curry garbanzo beans on rice, samosas & vegetable dumplings, with Mango juice for the kids & a spicey coffee drink for me.

I got home & went to work: another release night. I was an optional but knew there were elements I could test with my personal login that our default test codes lacked (i.e. HSA) & so I did so as well as testing Health AtoZ -- which was having issues which I confirmed were global, not just for test ids. I got kudos for being the only optional person (in Lisa's words "non-core team") to call in. She said that was really good for me, I was just happy I was able to help, honestly. If the migration goes badly it affects me as much as the core test/mngmt team. I'm outskirt since I'm a PM, but I'm still impacted, so I care & want to help. It's nice to be appreciated, but it's not why I called in & worked until 10:30 or whatever hour I finally finished.

k, bedtime. yay.
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