Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Hawk hanging out in our yard! Neato!

I was admiring a hawk circling way high overhead in our neighborhood while I was talking to my older brother on the phone; then at the end of the conversation (about 25 minutes later)

The freakin' hawk swoops down our street, right by our driveway (where Aurora & I are coloring with chalk & Athena is holding a chalk stick admiringly) and it just cruises by low, like it was a car on the street or something!

Aurora pouted that she didn't see it; but then about 15-20 minutes later I'm in the house snackin' on some lunch in the kitchen & Athena's in her playpen for a nap & Aurora is in her room dancing to 'cool music' with the door shut.. and the hawk (same one I'm sure by the coloration & size) swoops down into our garden!

Yay! Eat the rodents that are trying to move into my little itty bitty garden: woot. and it swoops back up into one of our Oaks (pres. to eat whatever it caught) and I called out to Aurora & pointed to the oak, but we couldn't see the hawk anymore, and she wanted to go back to dancing to the music in her room: so she takes off to go dance, and a few minutes later the hawk swoops out of the oak tree and takes off.

Really neat. I just hope it sticks to our abundant rodent supply & leaves the birdies in our neighborhood alone (I think hawks prefer rodent when available, and for the most part,but I don't know).

I'm going to go see if I can find a picture of the hawk on the internet. If I find it I'll post an addendum to my journal here. *grin*

Addendum; after some research, I believe it was an immature Redtail Hawk: it had a mostly white underside, with tan-brown coloration to its feathers & darker at the tips of the wings, and it's tail was a darker brown (which the extensive white on chest & the brown vs red tail feathers indicate it was an immature hawk) And its size was quite large (too large to be a Merlin, etc) but not quite as large as other Redtail's I've seen. So; I think it was a young/teen Redtail. =)

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