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wow, it's another early morning

7am is an early day for a Saturday. Soccer team photos are at 8am. Getting the kids awake, getting the uniform out of the dryer, getting myself some coffee made.

What will it take to get me to stop cleaning & doing stuff and go to sleep earlier & more consistently, so morning's are easier? - well, quitting coffee would help. But then, I'd have to get up early in the morning and get all kinds of stuff done without coffee too. Heh.

I suppose I could just cut back to coffee in the morning only; as a kinda "compromise" and see how that goes, eh? If it works I could keep that, or even then quit by degree?

I don't think coffee is really bad, persay: but I like how I'm more even-keeled without it, and I just don't know if I want to sleep more, really.

So, it seems most health studies show coffee has various health advantages, not any particular bad issue from coffee. But I think it is contributing to my lack of sleep, which lately I've been trying to make more consistent. Hm. Maybe the studies are wrong, and its not that coffee is good for you, it's that lack of sleep is good for you. Heh. Just kiddin' w'cha.

Ok, I can hear a very quiet house. That means the kids went back to sleep. Heh. Gotta get them up & dressed & out the door. Zip, zip.

Aurora's team is scheduled for 8:30 so we have to be at the field like, er, by 8:15 at the latest I'd say.
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