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Yard Sale - for real. I think I'll even post it on Craig's list - June 16th & 17th.

RAINED OUT~ between the sprinkles, clouds & lack of signage I'm pushing the garage sale out to another day. Tomorrow is "grand ol' days" in St. Paul w/friends AND swimming lessons in the morning, and I told the kids I'd take them to Shrek3, and.. I need to mow.

Next weekend is Aurora's bday & thus it's super busy(prep: bake 2 cakes, decorate, etc... /party Saturday /cleanup & rest-recouperate, wash laundry, etc Sunday.. so that weekend is busy, too)

- The 23rd is dodgeball on Sat. but before that I have a free weekend! Perfect! so.. that leaves the 16th & 17th to have a grand garage sale, with a post in Craig's list and all that jazz. Ok, so let's do it.

Poll #996017 yard sale planning

Want to come participate in a garage sale on June 16th & 17th? Check as many as apply, k?

I'll come sell some of my stuff
I'll come & hang out with you on lawn chairs & drink & relax whatever
I'll come & shop ur & others' stuff
I'll come over & people watch

K, and obviously polls can't cover every option, so feel free to post comments on whatever.
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