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what really is sleep - hours in bed or quality of mental rest?

you know how, there are certain mornings where you wake up feeling refreshed & energized, ready to do stuff & really engage life?

and other mornings where you wake up exhausted, due to whatever combination of choices or interruptions or discomfort (too hot, too cold, whatever) - and you just wake up tired?

So, I notice sometimes I wake up tired even though I've had 9 or 10 hours of sleep.. or 4 or 6 - etc

Other times I wake up refreshed even though I've had only 4 or 6 hours sleep - or maybe I've gotten 9 or 10 -

So, my new theory is that the quality of sleep and the feeling in the morning is less contingent on the pure quantity of the sleep (how many hours) as it is the quality of the sleep - since I can't measure REM, number or interuptions/or not, I have to detect more obvious changes: did I eat? did I drink the night before? did I go out or stay in? Was I fretting or relaxed? did I read or listen to music or work before bed? Did I do any relaxation before bed? What was the house temp. on successful vs bad nights?

I think I'll try to start paying attention to these changes and see if there are anythings I should do (say like, relaxation, meditation, or a warmer or colder room, more or less blankets, pjs, etc)

--- and see if I can find any trends to improve mornings, 'cause I love it when I have a good morning waking up refreshed, and I hate it when I wake up exhausted. Really hate it. I feel like I have black eyes and a fog around my mental space when I have bad mornings.
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