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psychology of body over mind


oh, here this will do. (mental image of climbing on a virtual wall, eh?)

-- so I think it's tragic and misleading that the current trend in 'beauty' is towards women looking like men. Ok, well, just their bodies looking like men's bodies.

what do I mean? no hips, no/smallest breasts, no roundness to the tummy- perfectly flat is ideal, no butt, or a small butt. Very low body fat (men lean towards 2-15% body fat and be healthy, women tend towards 12%-24%, and 18% body fat women is considered very lean on a scientific scale) However, to get the thin arms, no breast, no butt, thin legs, flat tummy of today's "perfect 'female' body" - it's going to push body fat was below the norm.. probably below the "safe for women" medical standards... Men should be 12% --women should be above 18% - that's unless something's changed drastically in health studies that I've missed, but generallY: they are dif. scales, right.

No wonder much of the hype of "Hollywood" aka filmstars/models starving is back in the media: starving will get you the ideal body. Well. for awhile.

Anyway: I think it makes unrealistic and odd ideals for young women growing up, not to mention stressed out adult women who won't put on a swimsuit when they look great. It's ridiculous.

I'm not for being overweight: nope. And I think there is a huge variety of healthy bodies:

I was watching a "bodypump" class (weightlifting set to music) after BosuBall last week, since the teacher asked me to watch a bit (she thought I would like to join it) .... I was stunned by the sheer variety of bodies in the 30 women and a couple guys who were in the class. They wore these typical workout clothes which reveal body shapes: fitted tanks and shorts. I mean, they were all So Different! From wide thighs/legs with skinny waist and balanced on top... and- no butt with no arm fat but large breasts -and, small breasts and wide hips - and skinny legs and broad shoulders: I mean, they were Mostly curvy; but a few were quite linear - curves but very small & it struck me that the women who were closest to the magazine "ideal" and tv & movie body, were also quite similar to the guys in the class, and it struck me how the other women.. also athletic and not overweight, or slightly - were so far from the straitline body... 80% of those women, if they shed nearly-all their fat would not fall into an ideal shape without surgery - it reminded me of how good it is to embrace your own personal strengths, and make them them your strength & beauty - and obviously much of our best is in our actions and thoughts and behavior, not our physical beauty. But, say we also want to just look great, -- it's good to make the best of what you have - these women and men were almost all quite good looking, but not anything like the magazine ideal.

I wonder if I invited them all to a pool party how many would worry & fret about how they looked in a suit?

PS: I added 3 images: the top is muscular but fit: very attactive, curvy but muscular - middle ground. The second lady in the lime green suit is typical: thin & boyish body with girly hair - her body has no curves or fat. In another outfit, and w/cut hair, she could easily pass as a guy. The third image is a curvy woman - showing off curvy thighs & breasts and a feminine body - It's still hyper thin, but at least has curves. I think most women (if this was them) would complain about the view of their thighs if this was themself: but it's great; it's just we fear curves. Why??
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