Alli (neugotik) wrote,

adulthood cresting on the horizon like a big wave...

conversation with my 2 year old while dressing, after our bath:

her: "those are yours"
me: "what?"
her: "those are yours mom"
me: "these? they're my breasts."
her: "I want those, mom - my want my bress"
me: "you'll get them when you are grown up"
her: "mine are little" (pointing)
me: "yup"
her: (quiet pause, looking down at her chest) "my are small mom"
me: "don't worry, you'll get them when you grown up"
older sister walks by, chiming in: "don't worry! you'll get your own!"

me: "well, I guess you'll get them before your grown up: when you're teenagers. Just because you have them doesn't make you grown up".

Tags: kids, kids story, psychology

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