Alli (neugotik) wrote,

to do list

Digital to do list:
\ artstuff ina box - (to sort/clean up)
\ artroom cleaned - shelves sorted anew / floor & tables cleared

\ Aurora's room - put away clothes, put away toys, vacuum, change sheets
\ extrastuff inabox 4sale
\ Athena's room - put away clothes, put away toys, put up leaves, art, vaccuum, changesheets
0 extrastuff inabox 4sale
\ Putall extrastuff inagarage - yup. clear path for Ian's return
0 Wrap Aurora's bday gifts

X living room cleaned up (resort gameshelf, straiten books, clear random toys out)

X update status
\ march PMO lessons learned doc
X 2-3pm CC meeting
X 3pm - get picked up for car

X 3:30 - toysrus netting 4 trampoline
X 4pm - home/work more, change laundry, etc. more chores
X 5pm -6pm //get kids
X Do more of the above list
- soccer game today@8pm
X bath, books, bedtime
Tags: notes to self, to do

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