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books, movies, cakes, late-night nachos, and ghost-stories

Saw Ghost Rider again last night; with Rach, wow I really love an old-fashioned ghost/demon story.

Then I went out & got "mile high Nanchos" at Champs with KTIG : talked the night away, that was fun. Sleepy tonight though.

Baking cakes will have to be tomorrow: either before work, or after work. I'm zonked. so so tired. I did what I could, the rest will have to roll over to the next available spot - I think I'll see if I can get out a couple hours early to work on stuff while the kids are in school still. I just need focused baking & cleaning time, and with the kids around: it becomes 1 on 1 kid time, which is cool. I'm just not ready to host a party.

I did read another chapter in "The Golden Compass" which is so far, a very interesting book. Ipicked it up & am reading it to the girls so they know the story (and me too: nothing like reading a chapter book all together!) - movie's due out at Christmas or Thanksgiving, but I actually usually enjoy snuggling up with a good book even better.

Oh speaking of which I have a couple more kids stories to write.. have to go get my notes on what they said (don't want to misquote them!).
Tags: birthday, cooking, kids, kids story, movie

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