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kids are so freaking literal.

Ok: 2 more quick kids' stories:
Aurora's 'Recent Quote' Story:

I'm talking to my mom on the phone tonight & explaining who "The Tick" is, and some out-takes of various stories to illustrate how funny it is.. and Aurora chimes in :

"I watched that! Before we lost power!"
I say, "what? We have power, what do you mean?"
she responds: "before we lost power. Cartoon power. I used to watch that before we lost cartoon power">

I say, into the phone "oh, she means she used to watch it when we had cable tv. All those cartoon channels day & night: heh".


And Athena's 'Recent Quote' story:

I forgot to mention when we were at Thai food there was a tiny little baby that came in, we couldn't see it but could hear it crying by the entry. It was very young & the crying sounded like a cat mewing. At first I really thought it was a cat. While thinking this all through, Athena chimed in:

"Mom! mom, a baby, ther's a baby! Mom, can I go pet the baby? Can I pet it?"

oh my.


" We scaled
the face of reason
to find
at least one sign
that would reveal
the true dimensions
of life...
lest we forget.

And maybe it's easier to withdraw from life,
with all of its misery and wretched lies,
away from harm.

We lay
by cool, still waters
and gazed
into the sun."

excerpt from "Anywhere Out Of The World" -Dead Can Dance
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