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So, in an effort to rid myself of crap & the bad habits of estabilished packratism I've gotten sick of : I'm riding myself of this saying "Waste not, Want not."

It has good intentions, but the outcome is nothing like the intention : saving for a raining day, not throwing out the leftovers, saving scraps of paper, or wrapping paper for reuse, or balls of twine, rewrapped off the package they came from is all good: if you have an immediate planned use for the material. From now on, if it's useful (i.e. twine, unused ribbons, old videso, dvds, whatnot) I'll try to donate it. If it is not I won't keep it - I mean, really, the outcome of that old phrase ends up being "Waste not, Consume more" -- not the intention, but after years of tracking I'd say that' the likely outcome.


In other news I got some interesting sideways stares at my Skort today : you know the kind? where they don't turn their head but they look sideways out of their eyes backwards like you're not supposed to see yet you see them in your perifrial doing it? Heh. I guess some are complementary and others are just wahtever. But my new theory is another common turn of phrase, I'm sorry - I'm not that eloquent on Friday afternoons : If it's not one thing, it's another. 'cause today mytop was Totally covered, so I got looks at the slit in my skort! Lol. So, in response, I'm more then ever determined to not be dressed by society: that's someone who will never be pleased! heh.
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