Alli (neugotik) wrote,


I had an interesting dream last night... I awoke from it rather refreshed but a little baffled.

I had been diving & swimming in the ocean & had found a cave: in it were hundreds of beautiful shells, and it was a sweet cave, as it was sandy floor & had the entrance underwater.. but the cave was not solid rock, rather it was etched out by the surf, so that above & all around there were openings to the sky in places: holes the showed sky or ocean out of the cave.. making the light that entered give quite a wonderful illumination & plenty of light, and so that as I came up in a water area, the water reflected the light streaming in through cracks & holes and it danced beautiful reflections off the cave walls, like water does in an enclosed area where light sneaks in. It was quite beautiful.

Well therein I found 2 giant shells, and in fact they were on square, museum-like pedestals... but then they weren't (as dreams do that) they were on the sand, in amongst the rocks, and it was as if I had imagined them on display.

One was black with beautiful rainbow colored patterns, which made me think of flowers: almost like a Cloisonne work.. but not .. just smooth shell. I've seen shells with these truly vibrant rainbow colors on beaches before.. I think Mexico was one place, but also in Puerto Rico & Oregon I think I've found some shells which were truly this bright: but usually they are mostly white with rainbow markings: this one was huge, and mostly black with rainbow markings.

The other was an iridescent sheet of gold & beige, similar to the inside of clam shells, but with a wondrous gold hue & an iridescent layer outside the shell, rather then inside (the inside was a flat white, plain & smooth).

They were huge, but I decided to swim them back to shore & take them to a local museum (I think one owned by a friend or family or something?) ... and oddly (this is what baffled me, in this otherwise quite indulgent dreamscape) the black shell had a large sticker inside it once I investigated it further .. and the sticker was clearly from the 1920's (a la flapper style writing & pictures)!

Someone had found the shell, and put a sticker/paper-flyer inside that said "although giant shells have been shown to decrease your house value up to 10 or 20%; they are still quite worthwhile(or remarkable maybe?) and marketed the right way can actually increase your house value & decor!" ... I was like, 'huh?' I had been offered upon bringing in the shells Lots of money & had refused it all.. and here someone had been trying to promote shells, but had left it where it was in the ocean cave until someone else found it.. and maybe contacted them for help? It was like saying "this is really nice, but rather then haul it in , just contact us if you want to haul it in & we'll promote it for you, in your house?

Ah well, the marketing sticker was lousy really: but the rest of the dream was beautiful.

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