Alli (neugotik) wrote,

countdown to party

heh. right-o.

It's 10am. Party starts in 3 hours & I have to clean the house. Frost the cakes, set up the SlipNSlide & Luau table, and Luau music.

I have been up for awhile but haven't started.

Instead, so far today, the (ailing) fish has died, the cat has vomited in/down the hallway, and I've had a sudden horrible allergy attack (My eyes are itchy & red, I've finally given in and taken a Benadryl). I think the stress made me ultra-vulnerable to something, 'cause I've not had an allergy onslaught like that in years. *sigh*

Ok - all that is now taken care of, the kids are so clingy I finally said "pick out a movie to watch" this is the last resort, I'm feeling kinda badly but I need to pick-up-the-pace, and everytime I stop to pick something up the 2 kids jump on me. It's good they want to play: I just NEED to CLEAN right NOW. And, set up the party. I told Aurora if she doesn't let me focus, instead of a "Luau Party" it's going to be a "Messy House Party" -

Ok, that's enough of a rant: now that I've complained I think I can focus on what's really important & relevant to right now.
Tags: cleaning

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