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I'll post photos later, k? Bday SUCCESS! yay (whew)

Wow: the party was a HUGE success!

  • There were beach towels all over the backyard & living room!
  • We had Bob Marley Live playing in the yard & beach -
  • Surf classics in the living room.

  • We had slip n sliding
  • We had sprinklers
  • We had cake, a huge postmodern Hibiscus, strawberry cake & frosting
  • and we had Aurora's fav. icecream from Gary's Icecream: "Pilsbury cake icecream with sprinkles"
  • We had a huge fruit salad (3 trays worth) with pirate swords stuck in the fruit: Most of it was eaten!
  • We had blackpepper Kettle chips & plain chips
  • We had 50 turkey hotdogs & 50 buns
  • WE had free-for-all badmiton with 12 rackets, 6 birdies and no net: heh.
  • We had 20+ kids running around & having fun! yay!

We had sunshine, smiles, laughter, talk - and even the adults hung out & talked - it was so fun.
It was worth all the stress & preparation.
Thanks go out to ktig   who came over & sliced up a whole pinapple & a half a watermelon & made the fruit trays, and played w/the kids while I cleaned & ran out for the icecream. She basically sustained my sanity. Oh, and helped me frost the cake, too! yay!

Both Crishana and Peggy brought me coffee when they arrived: I love youguys!! So thoughtful and kind. Crishana also got me a new girly magazine called "BUST" I have to check out.

The Stemples, Ian/ novamx3 , Rachelle & Don and his teenage daughters Evy & Melody, Peggy, Bram's mom, Sam's Dad, and Karey all stayed for the whole party & helped ! Thank you.

showed up a bit late & helped too - and Emily's dad Steve got the ice maker back in the freezer after I had gotten all the ice out & couldn't close the door (eep) some wire in the back had to align right - and Steve and Dave (Sam's dad) got the slipNslide filled. Bill came over for awhile too & helped w/Karey and theircutie kids. Wow. Lots of awesome help.
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