Alli (neugotik) wrote,


I had a dream last night of building a city on the coast: it had many white buildings & buildings with towers & spires .. it made me think of photos of Greece I've seen.

Interestingly this was all intertwined with an interesting game-dynamic, as if it was really a game building the city; and the gaming elements which allowed or infuscated the building process... that was what really fascinated me in this dream.

It was very much from a 3rd person perspective: I was watching the building like a film .. like a project manager overseeing the site of a real-life project though, as the visuals were as of real-life quality... and the dynamics of the game were behind me, in my mind... like a voice over in a poker tournament. I'm watching the game & know of the inherent options, choices of game players & successes and failures of those choices as the progress continued or failed in the city construction.

And of course, it was vividly beautiful: blue ocean, sun.. basically a 'holodeck' environment of a built-up reality based on the coast of Greece as I have imagined it from sunny colorful photos (having never been there); complete with riveting coastal cliffs, towering spires on certain buildings, mixed with gorgeous domes & well-placed winding walls & paths, meandering cats & colorful flowers contained in matching white adobe-like pots.

'Course, it made me want to design the game. *sigh* ah, nice dream...

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