Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Dreams... dreams about projects: ongoing projects...

I was emailing my mom... & talking about how,
it's amazing how being busy can leave very little room to do what you want *(like tell your mom about flox not beesbalm blooming in the yard, which I had meant to update my mom on for 2 weeks(!).. ) and it leaves one feeling, well: tired & unaccomplished... like _what_ am I so busy doing??

I guess work & cleaning can get to be like that. We've also been setting up the shop & that has put some errands into my otherwise 'me time' i.e. evenings.

I have so many projects today I woke up dreaming about painting a two sided dresser (one side shelves, the other side slots where drawers used to be (the unfinished kitchen? where we've had empty spaces where there were drawers for 9 months, but oddly I kinda like it this way... ) So, it was mostly light beige & some bare wood in the drawer areas: and I wanted to paint them in white for this frisbee game we were setting up & a co-worker was politely arguing that they should be beige in the back of the area where drawers had been & match the rest perfectly; and I was trying to see if anyone would be able to even tell, since the beige was so light, and it was in shade ... the beige was in the dream almost white: like 'ECRU' or some such shade... and would it even matter since the goal was to throw frisbees into the holes in the dresser (like a carnival game)...

I think that in this dream, the point I was making was we had white paint, & we had no beige & no way to get any beige & the event was starting in a short time: so the choices were: plain wood, with the rough finished edge where someone had run out of paint in each drawer area: or, white paint.. I guess I was in my mind, arguing to do something is better then to do nothing, just because it won't be perfect is no reason to become stagnent & not do anything. I think I ended by saying we would do white now & when someone came up with the proper beige paint white could be easily covered...

and then I realized (as I woke up) that I was also thinking about all the projects I have to do with Media DVDs: uploading & editing home footage, copy my bro's cross country & ski team video, copy the waking life charity concert in his memory, get permission from the bands so I can send them copies of the DVDs, burning CDs: photos of mine for about 6 people & then one to take to the grocery store or Costco to print some for other people who've asked for them who don't have computers or wanted hard copies, repair my manual camera(!), photoshop my brother's photo & some of his quotes into bookmarks for mom, scan his photos in so I have a digital copy & upload them to his site.. reload MP3s onto my IPod cause I accidentally deleted them all (duH: too dumb a story to tell), -whew-, & so on.. and I made a list so I wouldn't forget them all. It seems I remember my to do list best right before falling asleep, or sometimes right when I wake up. Hmm.

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