Alli (neugotik) wrote,

heh heh

Google Meme wins the cake:
  • alli is a class act
  • alli is now in the snakes den
  • alli is a very nice looking bitch
  • alli is a network that has to start somewhere
  • alli is excited so she jumps right out of bed as 3 year olds do at 4
  • alli is a freelance ritualist who maintains a private astrological practice
  • alli is a fighter and will do just fine
  • alli is the architect of a rowdy and iridescent system of astrology that liberates and never ensnares
  • alli is at it again
  • alli is a reiki master of usui
  • alli is extremely effective at portraying a technocratic world without excessive use of effects or over dramatization
  • alli is also a comic book penciller
  • alli is the very portrait of an experimental filmmaker
  • alli is exultant
  • alli is also the sweetest
  • alli is an index to australian legal literature
  • alli is cofounder of planet 24
  • alli is trying to crawl but hasn't quite figured it out yet
  • alli is particularly fond of a game where you stand in front of screen on a sensor pad and battle criminals
  • alli is also quite pretty
  • alli is my best friend and that will never change
  • alli is how she is too
  • alli is now the youngest life peer

    directions- google "your name" is (with the quotes) and copy your favorite quotes! - [or click the link I made here & just type your name & select "who" - it searches the internet for references to your name; woot!!]


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