Alli (neugotik) wrote,

The real me?

So this is the joke: the first time I tried to run this test, it said my rare interest list was too short, so I ran the handle I *would've* used if it wasn't taken by a dead account (which ironically I might've started 6 years ago & then ignored & lost it, but I can't recall for certain) ; which is "diffraction"; but that "purged" account had a list long enough, and it came up with my first posting: which was Ironically ALL stuff I loved, except the one author I don't know. Ok.

So then I go & increase my own current interests list so it will work with this quiz, and this is what I REALLY got: sorry guys if that was deceptive (I tried to explain it, but the post kept erring out, so I back-paged & posted it wo/ the explanation. Now I hope the post will work with explanation et all).


Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. music score: 29
2. reading score: 18
3. radiohead score: 17
4. movies score: 16
5. love score: 14
6. friends score: 13
7. computers score: 13
8. david bowie score: 13
9. sex score: 13
10. the simpsons score: 12
11. video games score: 12
12. sleeping score: 11
13. drawing score: 11
14. tattoos score: 11
15. coffee score: 11
16. manga score: 10
17. beer score: 10
18. jazz score: 10
19. lord of the rings score: 9
20. guitar score: 9

Type your username here to find out what interests it suggests for you.

coded by ixwin
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PS: Is this list MORE accurate for me? Nope. But, I suppose it really reflects what interests people I would be _hanging out with_ would have. This I think is true, or likely to be true, as that is how the algorithm works, it pulls their interests I didn't list (I believe) & shares them with me.

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