Alli (neugotik) wrote,

can I keep him mom? huh huh?

Aurora snuck a frog home in her backpack from camp today. I got it a box & said it has to go home tomorrow. *(sigh) I guess the whole dialogue was pretty funny.

"mom, I have something for you in my backpack!"
"um, it's not a fish is it?" (she's in fishing camp this week/catch & release only)
"no - but it starts with an F"
"um. Is it alive?"
"uh oh"

"but I've been checking on it every minute & it's doing just fine!!"

yup: a cute little frog crawling around the bottom of her pack with the fan and clothes and homework. I had her put it in an open bag for the 10 min ride to the petshop for a proper carrier (with hard walls so it won't get crushed) *sigh* Kids.

All night it's been "can I keep it mom? can i keep it?" - "it belongs in the wild, it'll be happier there: it can swim in the lake and hunt whatever it wants to it and roll in mud and stuff" - "awwwww but he's sooooo o cute! i've named him "wiggly" cause he's so wiggly!"

yes he's cute - no you can't keep him. He goes back to camp tomorrow & return him to whatever area you caught him in.
Tags: kids, kids story, pets
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