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reposting deleted entry: One day at a time.

But I don't want to talk about the tough difficult times, I'm trying to focus on the goodness in each day. here are my latest updates I want to share:

Forest in the Yard

a giant Redtail Hawk landed in my oak tree today - it was really pretty - just landed and hung out on the branch for awhile sitting in the sunshine. pretty cool - not sure why hawks are so fascinating for me to watch. they're so graceful and watchful and intense. It's neat to see them at home. I could use a few owls too - the chipmonks squirrels and bunnies are cute, but wow are they all over our neighborhood: I'm not really surprised to see hawks with the plentiful food supply our neighborhood hosts.

Barbie is out of favor- fun bike project ensues

Aurora asked if she could cover all the barbie emblems & logos on the bike she's finally grown into (hand-me-down free bike) - so I peeled off the stickers I could & we covered the remaining with some cool stickers of her choice (a fairy over the seat logo, heavy duty sticker so it will stay on plastic & in outdoors) and some celestial animals on the bar pads. Athena wanted to redo her bike too, so she got a tinkerbell sticker (same kind) for the seat & took the other half of the celestial animals for her bars - fun project with the kids, they were super excited to bike around, cause I also got the tires (on Aurora's bike, Athena's doesn't need it) filled with air & the innertubes checked for leaks: all good & like new. I also taught Aurora "lefty loosey, righty tighty" for tools work as she helped me get off her training wheels yesterday - good lessons I think. Small but good, and useful.

Aurora Kudos!

I'm very proud of Aurora - she learned how to bike without training wheels today!! She took all the training wheels off her bikes and tried them out - turns out they all have flat tires so we have that on our to do list now. I'm certain the bike she learned on had bigger wheel diameter too - it was a repainted (pink spraypaint) BMX bike, it was actually really cute. But the body was bigger but not hard to peddle, since the wheels were big & fat. Whereas she has free hand-me-down barbie bikes which are ok, but the wheels are skinnier & smaller, which means I believe, harder peddling. Should be fine though once the tires aren't so flat/out of air. Secondarily, 2 weeks ago she finally put her head underwater or "dunked" herself for fun while swimming at the cabin, which is a big breakthrough for her, as she's been afraid to do this. Since then I've taken her swimming last Sunday (after Dodgeball) & 2x per week at her school.. plus today. And now she is swimming up & down the shallow area, going underwater for extended times and jumping into the water now: I even caught her doing a twist jump into the water. *smile* She's really having fun with it. It's so great to see she's really swimming now & no longer afraid to jump in water & swim around. She was even racing other kids in swims across the kiddie pool yesterday. =) Yay. :)

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