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reposting deleted entry: Chemicals in kids car seats

So I'm off to buy a new car seat for Athena this afternoon after work. I call my mom randomly & she says she has this article about how some car seats have chemical emissions : wow Mom, that's just what I'm standing outside Target, about to walk in & buy.

So she helped me out & logged onto the website & looked up what I was considering! Cool huh? Turns out the $169 Cosco Alpha Omega Elide car seat I was looking at had a bad rating of 2.9 out of 5 for chemicals detected & in what quantity.

However the Cheapest car seat there, called the Cosco Scenara, was the BEST! & at $39 for convertable (up to 40 lbs) was the lowest chemical rating at .4 out of 5.0, and only bromine - the $119 "Astoria" and $179 "Montecito" Eddie Bauer ones rated great at .5, and $139 like Graco "waterflower" with flowers & "timber" (dif color) ... were also good at .4.

But then I realized I actually need a "booster" (30-100 lbs seats) the lowest rating was the "Evenflo Big Kid" at .7 & $69 - the butterfly one and some other Gracos called "turbo boosters" which came in dif colors, were 'the highest' of those tested; with 5 out of 5 for Bromine (worst!) and 2 out of 5 for "other chemicals" .... see each seat is totally different on if it has Bromine, Chlorine, Lead or other chemicals, based on the fabrics, glues, plastics etc used to make it. SO I got the lowest rated for chemicals in the right size & here's the site to look up that info for yourself:

So, the site's set up so you can search the seats by type (size of kiddo) brand (model) or best/worse of each 'class' (style of seat/again this is based on age/weight).

So it's really worth visiting & passing along if you know someone who has a kiddo.

(Now I'm going to check out their vehicle ratings which I've not actually looked at yet, hopefully it's also informative)

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