Alli (neugotik) wrote,

repost deleted entry: The New Pet Gerbils!

newcomers. brown one is Athena's :named "Copper" / B&W one is Aurora's named "Spirit"

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<IMG src=""> newcomers. brown one is Athena's :named "Copper" / B&amp;W one is Aurora's named "Spirit" <IMG src="">
<P><IMG src=""&gt; </P>
Tags: kids, pets

  • d'oh.

    My cat thinks the house plants are his personal open salad bar. *sigh*

  • attack of the cuteness... awwww.

  • weekends are lovely.

    The best part of Religulous was the interview with a priest outside the Vatican : the gent was humorously honest & non-pretentious and smiled and…

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