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reposted deleted entry: Outdoor concert with the kids Was Lovely!

went to see Michael Franti & Spearhead at the Minnesota Zoo: it was a fantastic outdoor concert : the storm had just cleared off a couple hours before, so it was nice & cool - a breeze, a sunset ; awesome music,

He did many of my favorite songs and a few medley-styled covers that included "red red wine" mixed with bob marley & sublime ; and then awhile later another medley that included the cover of the sesame street themesong, Kermits' 'rainbows' song, C is for cookie a la cookie monster & more sublime.

And then lots more original music: really fantastic evening out. I recall outdoor concerts & plays from my childhood with at least 10x the voractiy of normal performances , I don't know why: maybe just because they are that fantastic. The kids were grinning and laughing the night away, really fun.

They came home exhausted though & I had to coax them into a shower, pjs and they pretty easily climbed into bed. ZZzz off to bed with me too, maybe just a little reading first. ;)


PS: i googled for outdoor pictures of his concerts & found this one at the Gorge!! I love the gorge: it's this awesome weird area between Oregon & Washington that was like, once a huge lake, and then it was all flooded out to sea: really interesting landscape & the clouds are freaking puffy like that everytime I'm there in the plains part of it & I've been there a lot: it's like, the clouds reacting to the big flat area wo/much water and they just Turn Puffy: LOL> Anyhow. It's also an awesome photo.

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