Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Pesticides in Food- Generally how much do you want to eat that?

From The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution:

"It literally boggles the mind to realize that each year, more then a billion pounds of pesticides are spread on fresh produce." (I'm imaging like butter : "Would you like a pesticide spread with that?")... so it continues:

"We need to become more conscious of what is happening to our food supply, and take greater care to clean fresh fruits and vegetable before eating them. If the fruit or vegetable can be peeled (potatoes, carrots, apples, etc.), the problem is solved. For other foods (lettuce, spinach, cherries, etc.) just washing with water isn't sufficient.

What you can do: Many pesticides cling to produce and are not water soluble. To wash them away, use a good biodegradable cleaning agent such as "Lift," "Ecover," "Seventh Generation" or "Dr.Bronner's" and soak your vegetables and fruit. These safe, biodegradable cleaners will remove the pesticides and dirt, but they won't harm either you or the produce. Be sure not to mistake the type of product I am recommending with dish detergent! Carefully read the label -- it will say whether the product is safe for food. Be sure to carefully rinse the soap off soaked vegetables and fruits before storing or eating them.

The other option you have is to buy organically grown produce. Organically raised products are always preferable to those that are not. With organic produce not only will you avoid pesticides by also fungicides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers."

So now I'm returning this book to my neighbor: it's a very interesting read, and definately it has the solution many people (especially kids) are suffering from (poor diet, or improper balance in our chemical systems caused by food reactions or lack of nutritional balance: causing the symptoms of ADD which can be remidied by diet changes, or better controlled: we really are primarily a chemical, hormonal, electric system, and thus: what we eat can vastly affect how our body & mind functions.)

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