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reposting deleted entry - Pets, Zoo, Movie, Concert, Pool, Soccer, Fireworks: we keep busy

2 New Pets Zoo, Movie, Concert, Soccer, Pool, Fireworks: we keep busy

We went to the petstore on Friday - Aurora wanted something other then a fish to replace her latest fish (Betta) loss - I guess I can understand : she specified "can't pet them, can't play with them" etc... Birds are too noisy, difficult to tend to, messy & would drive the cats insane, Dogs need too much attention & we're all gone all day at school & work -

We came home w/two Gerbils. Athena named hers, a brown one w/big black eyes who was the socialite of the cage: checking on & holding all the other gerbils: "Copper". Aurora named hers, the only Black & White one they had, "Spirit" -they're very cute. We built this cage which looks like a playground: transparent colored tubes all over, nesting/petting rooms, a safety wheel (no holes to catch their tails) - shelves of transparent yellow - just looks like a blast in there; loaded up on chew toys for their teeth too - so that's the big news.

We went to the Zoo on Saturday Fun, but really hot out. Most the animals were off in their dens/hideouts. The kids enjoyed playing in the Mercats tunnels for kids and got a really close look at the sharks at the Marina area - missed the Dolphin show by a few minutes (next time!) Saw the bird show & the Wolves, who were out despite the heat. Mexican Wolves, so I guess they're adaptive to the heat? Panting away though, course. They all have lakes/waterways in their areas so it seemed they were fine w/it. Couldn't see any tigers though, the moose were under the trees, the wild horses were out but under trees too - saw Bison & Camels and both the kids were fascinated by the camels. Aurora said "They really do have humps" And Athena kept calling them "my horsie: Athena horsie" we finally got her to say camel, but she would only say it this way "My Athena camel-horsie - it's a camel-horsie".

We also saw "Nancy Drew" on Sunday & it was really cute. - Both the girls seemed to have a really good time & followed the storyline very well, and it wasn't too scary for them, so that was good fun.

And both days we read more of the "Golden Compass" great book so far. I've read ahead a little *grin* I want to know what happens!!

Monday I totally cleaned Aurora's room: she's had trouble clearing out baby toys etc cause she always starts to play when she sits down to sort toys (of course! like a kid should) - so I was able to move everything out of her room but the bunk bed: swept & mopped it all: even emptied every single bunk drawer & took out her shelves and dresser etc. So she's putting back piece by piece what she wants. I think we're going to use the closet shelves for clothes now instead of toys (prevents build up & makes for more playspace in the room to not have a dresser) I'm letting her lead the design so we'll see how it goes, so far we're pretty good. The problem will be I'll have to go through the mess and finish up what she doesn't want, but we'll get there - tomorrow's a holiday :)

Actually though we have swimming planned w/Rach & her nieces at their pool on Wednesday. and fireworks at the park at night - any suggestions for the best park to go to? :D

Tonight/Tuesday we're going to soccer game (if it's not rained out!) and then a concert at the zoo!!! Yay! Michael Franti & Spearhead: the kids love that music & so do I! I hope it's really good - I've never been to a concert at the Minnesota Zoo before.

And lastly for this post:Dodgeball's been moved to Sunday the 15th: apparently tons of people in MN like to use Bastille day as a reason to have a party. Heh. So the 14th's out by popular demand. WEll, at least people are requesting a change cause they want to go to DB, right? *grin* I'll post more on that later.

Ok- that's the 'how's life going' news, as far as well: what I find interesting.
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