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reposting deleted entry: scooby doo , basketball, transformers; fun Sunday

Watched "Scooby Doo & the Witch's Ghost" tonight on DVD ($5@ Target) _ I do enjoy a good Scooby episode. Mmm.
I even made the kids a box of Scooby-shaped Mac&Cheese to have while they watched the film, as kinda an "event" -- heh. it was cute, they were both really excited. I had splitpea soup myself, and a peanutbutter muffin for dessert.

This episode of Scooby Doo has a Wiccan theme where the Wiccans are the good guys & the Witch the bad guy - and there's a cute "Eco-Goth" band in it and a whole town promoting their witch cause they need tourists: heh. Cute episode.

This morning the kids had a really long bbq birthday party at Lucas & Carson & Madeline's house: Lucas turned 8.

We got him a big "Optimis Prime" robot that talks all these phases & shoots out it's hand, & some Transformer stickers & a Transformer "You're 8!" birthday card, and Athena additionally picked out a backyardigan card : we thought she wanted it for herself, but she gave it to Lucas at the birthday party: it was really cute.

Anyhows : it was fun but it went from like 11 to nearly 4pm - so we came home & took a late nap. Aurora spread out blankets on the livingroom hardwood floor, like 5 of them or so & we all took a nap together in the living room. =)

I spent about 30 minutes at the birthday party shooting basketball hoops in the backyard while Athena & Madeline played outside together & I was watching them and had nothing else to do and a few basketballs: it was really fun. I think I need to pick up a basketball so I can use the hoop in my backyard: I actually enjoy shooting hoops: It's kinda physical meditation.

anyhows: that's the day: Scooby doo, birthday parties and barbeques again, and getting my hands on a basketball in way too long - nice day.
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