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Reposting Deleted Entry: dodgeball bbq pool fireworks : and the wildness of some innocent fun

thanks to everyone who made it to dodgeball! u guys rock my world. I'm soo soo sorry I didn't get to pick you up Hayley: my bad! I got so many calls on how to get there I forgot until the game was over, and then I thought I could get away but it was just busier & busier until it was done! bah, and you didn't call until I was almost home, gah. I'm sorry!

anyhows the evening went like this:

5:30 calling people / getting calls
5:45 get ice, water, cream sodas, rootbeer & some hotdogs and buns
6:00pm - get to the courts / Athena's napping, carry her whole seat out - 6 adults until 6:45 or so hanging out talking
6:30 Ath wakes up & her and Aurora break out the first snacks - Anna's Ginger cookies & rainbow cookie wafers, water, nuts.. etc.
6:45 a car of 4 people : played ball for about an hour or so - decide we're hungry

8ish grilling & eating and more & more people show

8something - finally we've got about 25 people,
15 are in the pool playing volleyball kinda & swimming
a lady complains we can't have more then 2 guests in the pool - I thought she said "only 2 kids in the pool" so I'm like, "what? there are only 2 kids in the pool" (Ath & Aur who had a totally fun time swimming, by the way : sooo much fun in the pool yay!) Anyhows - she apparently called someone, so then someone shows up & says "2 guests in the pool at a time" - - so we all have to get out

it was cool while it lasted:
night swimming lit up warm pool, lit only on the deep end so It was a really cool blue to green pool effect plus warm water & tons of cool swallows zipping around eating gnats & chirping happilY;so cute and a rainbow colored fountain nearby

Then we all were pretty quietly hanging outside in the courtyard at tables of about 5 people each - maybe 25 people or 30? .. anyhows then a dif. tenant comes out walks up & says

"are you drinking beer" and the host says
"I'm sorry is this a problem, I didn't know that there's a problem with that. .. um, is that not allowed?"
and the other tenant who had walked up, he responds:
"You can't even have a Coke out here! I'm calling the cops." - and he left without any further interaction.. I mean, he walked off while our host was saying
"I'm sorry we can all leave if you want that"
_ but the guy stormed off.

wow - well - our group was good natured & just kinda all helped clean up & get going in a bout 2 minutes the area was cleared of anything. Sucha cool group of friends!

So that was the party! Wild, eh? Some moved up to the apartment, but most took off at this point -

Driving home down 100 we went buy a whole set of full sized fireworks right by the highway! Athena and Aurora were cheering and gasping and yelling: It was REALLY cool to see them so close!

What a fun night! =)

Thanks for hosting all us crazy kids that was a sweet summery party.
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