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reposting deleted entry: summer goals

summer goals:

1)Sleepgo to bed early - so I can get at least 8hours/night 6 of 7 days/week
2)Readread an hour each night to myself (unless out w/friends) - I have a stack of Zen Buddhist, Novel, and Humor books to read... .and also read a few chap. books to the kids as per normal summers (usually we get through 3: I have "the golden compass", "From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler", and "the rats of NIHM" picked out for the kids this summer-comment if you're curious about prev. summer reads, k?)
3)exercise 5x/week
4)do something I love going hiking
5)get into nature & ecosystem observations w/the kidsgoing camping
6)Rise with the dawn?maybe get up earlier & start work earlier
7)be healthier I think I'll eat less then 1600 calories per day as a simple goal - ( I seem to hold steady at a freaky 2800 cals/day so 1600-1800 should create a great weight loss!)
8)be real, and be attentive to the moment be engaged with the people I'm around (not in my head/distracted)
9)do pilates 2x week
10)Feng Shui house! heh i want to be clutter free: I'm a pack-rat in PRA (pack rats anonymous)
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