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reposted from deleted entry: Nicole's bday party

I went to Nicole's bday party & it was very low key & nice, as expected - I really enjoyed all the long and detailed conversations that rolled over from funny jokes to nearly sick & twisted jokes, all just spices on the endless stories of daily life philosophy and living people were sharing: good to talk to people who are so open and .. what's the word. Real, I guess. Sincere if you know what I mean. And talking of things of meaning - life & death, addiction and stories of (other people)'s paths of survival : hardship but mostly stories of oddity, and just how odd life is so often- near misses - people living on the government while a warrent is issued in the same county: how can they not see that the person they are trying to arrest they've also been funding for recovery? And how dropped charges are restarted and shouldn't have been - or how odd family vacations can be, or how odd car problems can be, and how people talk about them, and funny stories about crossing over into Canada and back, or having your car stolen, driven 100 miles, and returned to a block away on the other side of a hiway - and how there's a ranpant issue of Honda Civics being stolen in minneapolis & hacked for their car brains - I mean, the stories went on for hours: that's why I am home so late.

It was worth it though: good conversation is good. I hope I feel as positive about it tomorrow when I have to wake up with 4 hours of sleep again: ha. ah well, choices. I will go to sleep early on Saturday. Maybe even nap at 4pm, eh. ;)

I'll cya if you come over for the yard sale, k? G'night.
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