Alli (neugotik) wrote,

dodgeball game photos

I'm trying to use the gallery function here =)
Just learning about how it works.
Dodgeball game this month back from July 15th
- sorry I'm so slow about posting pictures lately.

Setting up: The whole crew gathering ,2nd photo: Sarah, Jayson, Ben, Sal, JC

long throw by Jayson ................ d'oh. Justin almost catches one

Megan, Jester, Dan, Mike

the camera is scarier then the ball; Jester hiding - Athena decides to cool down playing with some water

Aurora playing tag - Spectators & taking turn cycling in & out of the game
'cept Anne: I think I got her mid-kick Internal kick that is: they found out it's going to be a boy!
So yeah, she always just watches, and Sal's mom didn't play at all either. ;)

Mmmm: watermelon a great summer treat

and lastly SKINS vs SHIRTS =) just kidding: it was actually random that the guys who had their shirts off were standing together. Notsure I got to mention everyone: Keith & Tim, Anne, Sal's mom & more: sorry If I didn'tgive you credit for turning out. The games have been lots of fun:thanks for partaking.

Tags: dodgeball, friends

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