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little things.

  • no matter how many times I say "it's Tofu" Athena says "it's Toy Food"
  • Garlic & jalenpeno stuffed olives are good. So are the ones w/just Jalepenos :yum.
  • I need to clean more,then go to sleep: work meeting at 8:30 am: joy. Hopefully it'll accomplish something- meanwhile, it oddly feels good *but totally exhausting* that I've gotten up pre-dawn all week: I *suppose* people adjust to this but I just don't really see it. I'm hoping for simply a sudo-normal 6am morning. I think that would be fine. I'll get up at 3 am to catch planes & travel, but beyond that, it's not really worth it. Ok, so 6am: I should change my alarm clock that goes off at 5:30am & 6:30am: it's too early. I just ignor the first one & hit "off" & snooze the second one too long. 6am & 7am would be better settings. yea,k.
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