Alli (neugotik) wrote,

I wonder sometimes if people don't accomplish great things, because they talk themselves out of it.

Like, they don't want to stand out.. or be considered extreme or offensive, or unusual, or in any way odd, or silly. So maybe then they water-down & change their real desires & goals, into something more mundane, and 'normal' and less egotistical. We grow up & how many of us will say "I want to be president" or "I want to hang my art at the national museum or MOMA", "I want be a mountain guide"... "I want to write books", etc.. and our goals become "I want to make 20% more then I spend" or "I want to own my house" or just "I want to own a car" What happened to "I want to swim with dolphins" or "I want to sing & write music" or "I want to stop pollution, or cure disease, or move the country to renewable energy & prevent chemical destruction of the environment."

Now it's just "at least I recycle 50% of my garbage."

I was talking with my sister-in-law who is in town for a little while from California, and we were watching someone on the tv; and she said "I wonder if they get embarrassed.. doing that?" and I was surprised: I can't recall what they were doing now but it was something that had made them all sweaty & dirty.. and I recall her comment shocked me out of a kind of 'not really watching' tv-daze, and I said "Huh? Why would they be embarrassed? They're out there doing something great: they're accomplishing great things. I'm sure they're caught up in the moment & aren't worried about how they look" and she said something like "I guess you're right, why would they care how they look accomplishing that?"

But it kinda shocked me into thinking about it. I wonder how many people don't do things, just because they don't want to stand out, or be embarrassed.

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