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some other Oregon Vacation photos - Free Events we went to

Horse Jumping competition, free to spectators, in this photo Grandma, Aur & Ath are talking to a horse owner(Aurora was petting them w/permission)This one is an "Irish Sport Horse" she said & this horse had really cool-looking small freckles, which are actually called "being fleabitten" -huh. We thought they were pretty,but what a name,eh? I guess they come around with age & are unpredictable marks.

Free Cuban-Music concert at the park(Bend Oregon has them free every Sunday,but the music is dif each one,this one was great!) , and in this photo Granpa's helping the girls paint rocks as part of a fundraiser booth, wow, checkout the crowd behind them: pretty hopping :D
Tags: kids, my photos, oregon, summer, vacation

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