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Oregon Trip highlights in a photos gallery :D

To save people lots of photo posts *grin* I Made an LJ photo gallery of our trip! :D

Now, ifyou want, you can see the highlights there, I think it's a few pages, but then you can browse or view large which ever you want, and I don't have to pick just a couple, heh.... so, this photo is also hotlinked over:

A funny thing about this photo, is it is the only one with all of us in it (because I used the timer & my mom's cool tripod - which is a walking stick for hiking that turns into a tripod,but anyhows I digress: It's the only one, and Aurora insisted she would only take one photo - so it turned out pretty darn good for a one-try group shot :heh.

"I said your mommy's alright and your daddy's alright
They just seem a little weird
Surrender, surrender
But don't give yourself away, ay, ay, ayyy
Away, yeah"

"Surrender" lyrics outtake- by Paw
Tags: family, kids, my photos, oregon, vacation

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