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Not very good at writing lately, I guess. I'm watching this squirrel next door trying to figure out how to get into the neighbors roof - checking out every little chimney & nook. It's funny to watch, but I admit it is annoying to have them actually get into one's roof - so noisy.

I've been trying to keep busy & social despite the negatives pressing in on me from different directions- directions I'm moving away from; why wallow in negatives and misery? Why allow others to keep one hemmed into negatives? Why get caught up by false accusations and non-truths? I just have to focus on the positives in my life.

So ,some positives, last Saturday the Dodgeball game: everyone got to the park, then the stormclouds moved in , so we all went bowling. The park was beautiful up until about just when we all got there- the clouds were really cool looking. Aurora & Athena both got to go bowling and they really liked that.

Monday I had lunch with ktig</lj>which was a splendid surprise - she just happened to call me & I was right by herwork.heh.
Then, in the evening Mike & Cindy helped me build the trampoline for the kids: which they love. They've been on it everyday. :D

Tuesday I was going out with Rachael & we ended up hanging out with Mike, Cindy, & cuddlyarmadillo</lj>& Sarah to watch a comedy flick- I also got invited to be on a fall dodgeball team, and to play fantasy football by dif friends so I think I'm going to do both - I'm not sure I'm up to competative league dodgeball but I kinda want to try - plus I don't want to stop exercising because the seasonal weather changes coming.

Wednesday the kids just wanted to come strait home from school & be on the trampoline - so we did that and just hung out playing in the backyard until bathtime.

Last night I took them to see "Stardust" which they both really enjoyed: They love a good adventure fantasy story. Aurora loved it more,course.. but when we left Athena volunteered on her own (without any questions) "That was a good story: I like it"

And, Aurora & I were THRILLED to see they are making Spiderwick into a film (release date: Feb 2008) _ Aurora & I & Athena have read that series like, 3 times, plus some books Aurora has re-read on her own. :D The movie "Autumn Rush" also looks really cool. It seems to be about the subconscious connection between all humans and the connection of music to life- really interesting. I also liked the preview,as did Aurora, who declared "I want to see that one!"as soon as the preview ended. And of course, there was a preview for "The golden compass" which we've been inching our way through reading that book all summer. It's a good story-I finally read ahead of the kids & finished it, but I'm not certain of the film now - it'll be a thrilling film,just I wonder how close they'll be to the original now that I've read it I have my doubts. Anyhows - neat movies coming, and many of the Fantasy Worlds genre I just adore.

I guess that's most of what I wanted to talk about.
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