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Boston Aquarium

Here's Athena admiring "Jellies" at the Boston aquarium - this was Isabel's choice of where she wanted to go for her 9th birthday - it was quite fun. :D

There were hm,like 15 tanks of different kinds of Jelly Fish - or Jellies I guess they're not really fish so they've changed the name, but anyhow that was really neat.

The middle of the aquarium was a 100 ft deep tank, which was squirreled around by a walkway so one could amble up next to the various parts of the tank and admire dif. kinds of fish, sharks, turtles,coral, etc. and there were many smaller tanks for things like sea dragons, the jellies, the penguins, the seals, etc.

Here is a photo where you can see the big tank behind & a fake model basking shark(hanging in the distant background) the rocks right behind my family are where the penguins were - can barely see them here - my favorite penguins are the "rock hoppers" which have a natural punk rock yellow mohawk of feathers and they're very stunning to see, and the feathers flop around and seem quite surfer-like or something. Anyhows. here's the photo I'm describing with the big tanks & penguins behind my bro Todd & niece Izzy are in focus - Ath, Aur & Izzy's friend Kira are kinda blurry due to the low-light. However a flash wouldn't let the background comethrough- so I tried to do the best I could with a moving crew, low light & lots of stuff in the distant background. :D
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