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I played football & got out to MIA museum tonight. :D

some friends had a player cancel on their co-ed football team, so I totally got a call to come sub-in on their team & I played an hour of touch football tonight,and they were a group of friends I haven't seen in awhile,so it was twice the bonus! :D I caught 5 passes, blocked a few, missed a few- good times. We lost by a lot, the other team was Really Good- but it was still fun.

Then I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts where I met up with ktig and we tooled around the "new wing" which I had not checked out before, for about an hour. Lots of sculptures from South & Central Americas- and North of us too- unfortunately the areas were vague and wide "from the Yucatan" and "Artic"?? I and KTIG esp, thought they could've been a bit more specific about the art origins; it was obvious selections of art were from widely different areas,yet the labels were the same- so vague, as KTIG said it would be like saying "it's from China"- But, regardless of the lack of background info, there were cool burrel (sp>?) wood vases, many minature sculptures, old and new, old beadingpieces, various masks and wall art, and it was fun to walk around and see the exhibits that are in the new-wing. There were also these fun giant sculptures that looked like someone broke a bunch of clay kilns, then put them back together poorly,with big gaps that looked like keyholes. I totally want one for my yard. *grin* KTIG said she could make me one. That would be sooo cool.

Overall, It was a nice & relaxing evening.

In other news, I'm now in 2 Final Fantasy football leagues- two groups of friends asked me to join, both short of players and it seemed like fun -- so I drafted two very different teams and hopefully one or both of them will do well. It makes me want to start keeping up on football info (at least a bit) & start watching the games like I haven't done in aeons.
The Good news is I can get the required stats to play my teams well, online with or without watching the games on tv, & since I don't get cabletv or anything like that, I won't get to watch many games, well unless I get tv-reception for the winter, we'll see; seems totally unnecessary, but then.. Idonno;I love gardening shows, too. Maybe it's worth it for the fall/winter.

Oh, and What a big rain camedown tonight, eh?! After I left the museum it started pouring & it seems like it's going to go all night. I think the plants will be happy though; bit of a drought we've had this summer: maybe this rainstorm will help a little bit. Plus the lighting is really amazing to watch.
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