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When do kids learn percentiles?

I was cutting up Athena's peanut butter & jelly sandwich this morning-

me:"Do you want small pieces?"
Ath:"no. well,yes."
me: "Ok"(I cut one half,then half again so there are 3 pieces)
Ath:"other side too"
me:"ok" (I cut the other half, too so there are now 4 pieces evenly sized)
Ath: "into quarters"
me: ...
Ath:"yeah,like that"
me: "wow, good math honey" (where do kids pick up these complicated associations- she's doing percentile math now?- now if my two year old says she wants a third, when requesting a serving... I donno... )
Ath: "like Pizza"
(ah well, maybe it's just associative learning; heh)
Tags: kids, kids story, psychology

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