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so sleepy... went to a friends bbq with the girls & they had a lot of fun,then we did a quick stop at another friends' house as I'm feeding their pets while they're out of town for the weekend /the girls went right to sleep when we got home - I've been up doing crafts projects :heh. One would think I'd take advantage of their sleepiness and catch some winks too -but no: I'm up being artsy in the middle of the night by myself! heh. Got some cool stuff made though.The kids are excited about Halloween so some of the crafts are halloween decorations they picked out & I've started ;hm.

Planning to watch Sunday football w/some friends, prob. nap on Sunday too :D
Satuday is Aurora's soccer game and I have to feed the friends' pets again -otherwise Ithink there is def. nap time potential on Saturday too (if the girls want to nap; heh- Autumn,the napping season).
Tags: art, birthday, crafts, friends, kids, pets, soccer
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