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Working out some more again: feels great. I love the "hip abduction" machine which I'm certain will abduct my hips via all the leg exercise! And I found an obliques machine & abs crunch machine, some arm & pecs machines all in this back room at the YMCA I hadn't realized was there!! I'm so excited! *grin*

Meanwhile I'm sore today from the big workout yesterday (I went with my friend ktig and we ended up doing a half hour on the ellipticals while talking, then I did weights & she walked & did more elliptical, I think we spent an hour & a half there - of which at least an hour was all working out. Yay.

I didn't even crave any coffee today: I think exercise is what I really need, I just feel so much better when I do exercise. Energized & Relaxed,which is a great feeling.

Ok, so here's a meme:


- 1/2 a cup of trustworthiness
- 1/4 cup of flirting
- a teaspoon of kindness

Combine all stirring until smooth.
'What is your personality recipe?' at
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