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morning ramble

I'm not feeling that creative, heh- so I took a meme.

However Monday I did Pilates, took a nice walk at a brisk pace Tuesday - sans wallet & cellphone on my own - wow, feels good to put down all the "stuff" sometimes & just walk!
The house autumn-cleaning I've been doing is really showing - I love having the place finally more organized & cleaned up! Yay. The exercise is also making me feel better - however, yesterday I had some Mac & Cheese as part of dinner & 2 slimjims and a fruit bar... - that made me feel like I was gorging on junk food,even though I suppose it's not really that bad. I guess I felt badly since all 3 items are items I don't want to eat while I'm loosing weight;and I'll allow myself one here & there but 3 at once!ha. bad me. Anyhow, though I have been having a lot more nice salad meals - I the one they sell at Big Bowl -grocery store branches - it has peanuts & sesame oil on it : YUM. And veggies & fruit & fresh herbs in cooking more in general. That's good. Something about cooking one's own food also feels good, as opposed to buying meals out - it's like the process of cooking is a personal effort and I can make as much or little as I want -so it's kinda relaxing. Whereas buying food out feels like shopping/spending cash so that's stressful; don't know if anyone relates to taht.

I picked up the kids yesterday with the bikes & helmets at the car and we had a picnic dinner at the park I had packed up a picnic, and we spent the afternoon on the playground and then biking around the parameter of the park- that was really nice.

So that's about it, here's the meme thing - I score really well in Spirit for a solidly er agnostic/Zen person.heh. I like how they rate it on your comfort level not on any particular participation in organized religions. :D And 'course my love rating is low - I'm in the middle of a divorce & not dating, nor even looking to date now so er- why would that be higher? Heh. I think my focus area for best improvement right now is exercise - so that would be the physical health area.

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