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blood, sweat & chores

Donated blood today on my lunch hour;the donation part really only takes 30 minutes though, so... - yay. I keep getting these letters that they need my blood type; so I'm happy I can help out.

Came home & ate leftover spaghetti to refuel. I'm glad it's sunny again. I still feel the wisp of autumn & winter in the air; and the cold nights which make me feel like I need to do something - I don't know what. I can see the appeal of down comforters at this time of year: they're so fluffy & nestlike. But, I don't have those. I think they're actually usually too warm for me; but they're super nice in the winter. Hm. I can think of, um...5 boring chores / errands I need to do. I suppose I should do those today. One of them is laundry:ha. Laundry & Dishes too - chores that are never done but either are "under control" or "behind"; Ideally I suppose dirty dishes would always be in the dishwasher & run when full & then promptly unloaded so there are never dishes on the counter. Laundry- I guess if I can do 3 loads a week and have a fresh start consistently on one day that would be cool. Maybe mid-week laundry load would help.Oh, I also need to mow again -it's kinda hard, but much easier then say... raking lots of leaves later.Heh. It's either use the mower & catch up on the grass & leaves at once, or wait too long, let all the leaves pile up too much to mow, & then have to rake up a ton of leaves & pay to have them hauled off, which I don't want to do.

ok,end of ramble.
Tags: autumn, blood donation, cleaning, weather
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