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soccer updates & dream logging ..ja

Oh - Aurora won her soccer game yesterday! Yay.
Athena's signed up to play indoor soccer at the YMCA in November, since she turns 3 then she can play in the 3-year-old indoor league!! hee hee : she is sooooo excited she keeps telling people about it "my birthday is November. I'm going to play soccer". heh.

Her & Madeline (another 3 year old) were playing soccer in the backyard last weekend with cones & the net and a couple balls - each of them dribbling up and taking shots on the goal. They're both such sports enthusists! Its too bad Madeline's family moved further away (they used to live across the street) ; oh well.. maybe we'll keep up the friendship anyhows, ..nevercan tell,plus Aurora gets along w/Madeline's big brothers so well there's twice the motivation to keep in touch (I think)- So yea- that's the soccer news!

On a sidenote,heh- journal my dreams while I'm in here...

And I had this weird dream yesterday/Sat. morning,which I wanted to note for myself - I saw this unusally bird I'd never seen before - white onthe belly & legs & Red on the wings and tail- like a striped racing car- and black over the head with a large beak likea Grosbeak, but it wasn't - the legs were morelike a hawk or something and it was tiny,like a Wren - it was so intriguing:Like a magical bird. In the dream I called my parents to talk about it, since they're such avid birders and when I called I realized that "oops it's like 5:30 am here I just got up & it's 3:30 there" and then I felt like a dork forgetting about time.

Then today, Sunday morning I had a dream I was skiing with my little brother. It was a long dream, just skiing up in the mountains, go over mogels, jumps, sidetrails... just a day in a dream. It was good. I miss him somuch.

Ok, & here's a photo- I've got a ton of them I'd like to share, but haven't uploaded to the gallery, it's on my to do list :D

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